What's involved in a Silent Retreat?





The intention of the silent CPD retreats is to gently hold the space enabling you to deepen your personal practice of mindfulness-based meditation and experiential engagement with the theoretical roots that underpin them. In particular, the retreat practices of concentration and insight meditation and short talks are structured around the roots of Buddhist psychology from a secular perspective. We will explore together

  • The Four ways of establishing mindfulness (body, feelings, mind and the objects of the mind) and
  • The four heart qualities (love, compassion, joy, and equanimity) known as the “Four Immeasurables” and the “Brahmaviharas” in Buddhist psychology.

We will also explore the Four Ennobling Truths also known as the "Four Realities"

The teachings are offered in a space of noble silence and through sitting, standing, lying, walking practices and mindful movement we will cultivate direct exploration of both formal and informal mindfulness-based practice. At the same time, deepening our understanding of the essential teachings that are the very fabric of teaching MBSR, MBI or MBCT classes, workshops, and individual sessions. 


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